4 more sleeps

I move in four days and quite predictably my feelings are a jumble of excited, sad, brave, scared and optimistic and frantic. Crazy probably sums up my state most succinctly. I feel like I have so much to do although I try to keep reminding myself that when it comes down to it I just have to throw some clothes in a bag and get on a plane; if I can do that I will have successfully relocated and everything else is gravy.

My boyfriend and I are in the process of packing up our rooms so that my parents can do other things with the space. I am getting rid of A LOT of stuff and even though I fall rather into the hoarder category of people  (that bit of ribbon might be so useful one of these days…) it actually feels pretty good. We are each brining one suitcase and a carry on bag. That is it.

What else? We are moving to a furnished apartment  (I mean, ‘Flat’ )  that we have never seen and know very little about (Dear Universe, please let there be no wall to wall carpeting or weird upholstery….).

One of my good friends moved into the neighborhood so I gave him my houseplants:

I have donated or disposed of  most of my clothing and will be giving away my canning equipment to my lovely sister-out-of-law who is also throwing us a going away party in her back yard this week.

Thats it folks (my lovely, robot readers). A nice boring list of very mundane and usual moving tasks. Maybe I will get another post in before I go (probably not) and if not, I will see you on the other side!

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So close…

Hello to my dear robot readers*,

So I have some major updating to do, which should begin to happen some time after next Tuesday which is the day of my last exam. In the mean time I have these anouncements to make:

1.the BF and I have decided where we are going to live next year. University offers have been accepted and declined respectively and funding has been granted and as a result our plans are beginning to take shape.

2.I am just about  finished my last real term as an undergraduate. By Tuesday at 4pm all of the scary parts of my degree will be over (for example, writing my thesis papers, passing Modern Symbolic Logic etc.).** I am currently writing my last ever philosophy paper of my undergraduate life.

3.My dad broke his neck, but is now okay. It was scary, but, miraculously, he is fine and gets to walk around with a lovely neck brace for the next few weeks.

I’ll be back in a few days to kick this blog into gear. Over and out!

*I am pretty sure that almost all of the hits I get to this blog are automatically generated ones by other computers and not by real people. This is actually just  fine: oddly enough I don’t really mind writing for robots.

*okay, so I do have to do one credit this summer to finish my degree, but right now I am ignoring this fact. Also, I am going to do a second year poetry course, so it doesn’t count as scary.

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I made this card for a good family friend who celebrated his birthday on Sunday. I did not realize until after that I had basically recreated the Toronto Sun logo on the card with the word ‘sun.’ Oh well. We had a lovely celebratory dinner  in his honour and ate lots of cake, took pictures (he is a photographer), and drank excellent champagne. Not so bad if you ask me.

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Reading week.

Drains in house are clogged.

Must wait till tomorrow for plumber.

Cannot shower/bathe/use toilet/wash dishes.



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I love winter, I really do. But to be quite honest I am ready for it to be spring. I am ready for the world to be green and lovely again as opposed to uniformly and uninterestingly grey. Right now all I see when I go outside  is grey sky, grey slush, grey salt stains and grey dirt-covered snow. Winter, I am so over you.

Green! (Fence-building in my back yard in early summer)

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Trout and Other News

So I made a pretty delicious dinner this evening, if I do say so myself (and I do). Rainbow trout marinated in lemon juice, rubbed liberally with garlic and fried in butter on a bed of cooked spinach, carrots and onions.

The other news is that my boyfriend received word that the Other British University that he wanted to go to accepted him (woot!) but they seem to want him to accept or decline his offer of admission rather sooner than we had anticipated. Much sooner in fact, as they wish to know before he finds out about funding from either university which, (it being the case that they both have hefty international student fees and the exchange rate is not in our favour) is a bit stressful, to say the least.

As we wait on further details from both institutions, emailed sporadically or delivered by post to our door,  I am getting better at answering people’s questions about what I will be doing next year after I graduate. I am getting better at not answering the questions with “I am not really sure yet, but the BF is going to grad school in England and I am tagging along” and then feeling lame because I don’t have a more solid, more recognizable plan of my own. And I don’t feel as though I am just tagging along, anyway. Going abroad  is a decision that the BF and I made together (I have to keep reminding myself). It is our plan and will be a great opportunity for me as well. I will get to have some time to think about my next steps career-wise and school-wise while being in a beautiful place that is much closer to my family in France  while having an adventure with a man I love. I won’t be able to fall into a boring me-out-of-school-in-Toronto routine. Even if I have a crap job at first it will be a crap job in an interesting place with plenty of opportunities to meet new people and try new things. There, I just gave myself the pep talk I needed. Go team. We will rock the UK thing. woot.

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My Grandparents’ Farm

Morning at the farm: the view from my bed

Happy New Year!

I am back from a restorative visit with my grandparents and aunt at their farm. It was so nice to see them. My grandfather seemed to be doing a bit better, which was really good to see. My grandparents’ farm is one of my very favorite places in the entire world. Here are some pictures:

Old barns

My grandparents have a lovely (now, due to age, rather eccentric) stove. It is great beacuse it is a wood burning stove on one half but has electric elements on the other half. Perfect for extended power outages and winter storms. When I was little I would always try to get up early with my grandfather so that I could help him light the stove in the mornings in winter. He would direct me as to how to place the logs and the kindling so that the fire would burn steadily. Considering how old it is, it is still in quite good shape despite the fact that you have to set the oven so that it reads 100 degrees higher than the intended temperature.

The farmhouse stove: half wood burning, half electric.

My aunt’s three dogs: Riley, Panda, and Tula playing while on a walk through the fields.

From left to right: Panda, Tula, Riley

Below is the view of the farm from beside the bottom of the quarter-of-a-mile lane  running from the road to the farmhouse. My grandma told me that the house was originally built right up at the road, but the original  owners got tired of being bothered by peddelers and so rebuilt it as far from the road as possible.

The farm house: view from near the road

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Christmas Canadiana and Other News

Lovely woolly Canadiana

One of my favorite things that my boyfriend or I received for Christmas this year was a wonderful hudson bay wool throw. I am stupidly excited about it and plan to spend as much of the winter months curled up in it as is humanly possible.

Tomorrow I am going to my grandparent’s farm which is situated about an hour outside of Ottawa. Their farm is one of my favorite places in the entire world. My grandpa is still not doing very well after his fall and concussion and although I want to see him I am also a bit apprehensive about having to fully face the condition he is in at the moment. Things have changed so much for my grandparents in the short period of time since his injury and I have not seen either of them since my grandpa’s accident. I still picture my grandfather as perfectly healthy and happy and part of me does not want that to be replaced by images of him as old and tired and confused. I am looking forward to seeing them though and I know that it will feel good to be able to help them out a bit while I am visiting. They have both done so much for me over the years.

In the mean time, I am gearing up for 2011 which is looking like it will be a big exciting year. Happy (almost) 2011!

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Hello my dear little neglected blog,

So I survived my last fall term of my B.A. and have been enjoying a bit of a break. Sadly I have lots of school work to do over the next two weeks till spring terms begins, but for now I have been taking it easy.

Over all I had a lovely Christmas. It is a busy time of year because my brother has his birthday on the 23 of December and we usually have a little family dinner to celebrate and then we are full fledged into Christmas Eve and Christmas celebrations.

detail of our Christmas tree

I decided to try and make as many Christmas gifts as possible this year to suit my currently unemployed student’s budget. I made a (more or less) traditional steamed Christmas pudding for my mother-out of-law, many fig christmas cookies and some clementine marmalade which I had never tried before but ended up quite liking.

Plum pudding, ready to be steamed

Fig-filled Christmas cookies!

Making clementine marmalade

All in all Christmas was pleasant. No major family blow ups and no disasters. I received some nice presents and gave some nice presents. It was good to spend time with my family and our family friends and eat lots of good food together.  Next year I will probably be celebrating my Christmas across the Atlantic Ocean in England. I am grateful to have had such a nice Christmas here at home.

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A Snowfall, Essays, Monty Python

Toronto woke up to snow this morning! I am so excited for winter!

The view from my window

I like the cold grey weather because it is much more conducive to  spending vast amounts of  time indoors studying than when the weather is fine. I am entering the last two hellish weeks of (my last!) fall term at U of T. No time to contemplate major life changes /my greater purpose in life/ how I will make a living after I graduate.

My brother reminded me of this Monty Python sketch, below, which I quite like. As usual I am writing a paper and I currently feel rather like one of the philosopher football players wandering about, thinking, and not actually kicking the ball. Hopefully my “Eureka” moment will come soon.


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