So close…

Hello to my dear robot readers*,

So I have some major updating to do, which should begin to happen some time after next Tuesday which is the day of my last exam. In the mean time I have these anouncements to make:

1.the BF and I have decided where we are going to live next year. University offers have been accepted and declined respectively and funding has been granted and as a result our plans are beginning to take shape.

2.I am just about  finished my last real term as an undergraduate. By Tuesday at 4pm all of the scary parts of my degree will be over (for example, writing my thesis papers, passing Modern Symbolic Logic etc.).** I am currently writing my last ever philosophy paper of my undergraduate life.

3.My dad broke his neck, but is now okay. It was scary, but, miraculously, he is fine and gets to walk around with a lovely neck brace for the next few weeks.

I’ll be back in a few days to kick this blog into gear. Over and out!

*I am pretty sure that almost all of the hits I get to this blog are automatically generated ones by other computers and not by real people. This is actually just ¬†fine: oddly enough I don’t really mind writing for robots.

*okay, so I do have to do one credit this summer to finish my degree, but right now I am ignoring this fact. Also, I am going to do a second year poetry course, so it doesn’t count as scary.

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