Trout and Other News

So I made a pretty delicious dinner this evening, if I do say so myself (and I do). Rainbow trout marinated in lemon juice, rubbed liberally with garlic and fried in butter on a bed of cooked spinach, carrots and onions.

The other news is that my boyfriend received word that the Other British University that he wanted to go to accepted him (woot!) but they seem to want him to accept or decline his offer of admission rather sooner than we had anticipated. Much sooner in fact, as they wish to know before he finds out about funding from either university which, (it being the case that they both have hefty international student fees and the exchange rate is not in our favour) is a bit stressful, to say the least.

As we wait on further details from both institutions, emailed sporadically or delivered by post to our door,  I am getting better at answering people’s questions about what I will be doing next year after I graduate. I am getting better at not answering the questions with “I am not really sure yet, but the BF is going to grad school in England and I am tagging along” and then feeling lame because I don’t have a more solid, more recognizable plan of my own. And I don’t feel as though I am just tagging along, anyway. Going abroad  is a decision that the BF and I made together (I have to keep reminding myself). It is our plan and will be a great opportunity for me as well. I will get to have some time to think about my next steps career-wise and school-wise while being in a beautiful place that is much closer to my family in France  while having an adventure with a man I love. I won’t be able to fall into a boring me-out-of-school-in-Toronto routine. Even if I have a crap job at first it will be a crap job in an interesting place with plenty of opportunities to meet new people and try new things. There, I just gave myself the pep talk I needed. Go team. We will rock the UK thing. woot.

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