My Grandparents’ Farm

Morning at the farm: the view from my bed

Happy New Year!

I am back from a restorative visit with my grandparents and aunt at their farm. It was so nice to see them. My grandfather seemed to be doing a bit better, which was really good to see. My grandparents’ farm is one of my very favorite places in the entire world. Here are some pictures:

Old barns

My grandparents have a lovely (now, due to age, rather eccentric) stove. It is great beacuse it is a wood burning stove on one half but has electric elements on the other half. Perfect for extended power outages and winter storms. When I was little I would always try to get up early with my grandfather so that I could help him light the stove in the mornings in winter. He would direct me as to how to place the logs and the kindling so that the fire would burn steadily. Considering how old it is, it is still in quite good shape despite the fact that you have to set the oven so that it reads 100 degrees higher than the intended temperature.

The farmhouse stove: half wood burning, half electric.

My aunt’s three dogs: Riley, Panda, and Tula playing while on a walk through the fields.

From left to right: Panda, Tula, Riley

Below is the view of the farm from beside the bottom of the quarter-of-a-mile lane  running from the road to the farmhouse. My grandma told me that the house was originally built right up at the road, but the original  owners got tired of being bothered by peddelers and so rebuilt it as far from the road as possible.

The farm house: view from near the road

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