Christmas Canadiana and Other News

Lovely woolly Canadiana

One of my favorite things that my boyfriend or I received for Christmas this year was a wonderful hudson bay wool throw. I am stupidly excited about it and plan to spend as much of the winter months curled up in it as is humanly possible.

Tomorrow I am going to my grandparent’s farm which is situated about an hour outside of Ottawa. Their farm is one of my favorite places in the entire world. My grandpa is still not doing very well after his fall and concussion and although I want to see him I am also a bit apprehensive about having to fully face the condition he is in at the moment. Things have changed so much for my grandparents in the short period of time since his injury and I have not seen either of them since my grandpa’s accident. I still picture my grandfather as perfectly healthy and happy and part of me does not want that to be replaced by images of him as old and tired and confused. I am looking forward to seeing them though and I know that it will feel good to be able to help them out a bit while I am visiting. They have both done so much for me over the years.

In the mean time, I am gearing up for 2011 which is looking like it will be a big exciting year. Happy (almost) 2011!

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Hello my dear little neglected blog,

So I survived my last fall term of my B.A. and have been enjoying a bit of a break. Sadly I have lots of school work to do over the next two weeks till spring terms begins, but for now I have been taking it easy.

Over all I had a lovely Christmas. It is a busy time of year because my brother has his birthday on the 23 of December and we usually have a little family dinner to celebrate and then we are full fledged into Christmas Eve and Christmas celebrations.

detail of our Christmas tree

I decided to try and make as many Christmas gifts as possible this year to suit my currently unemployed student’s budget. I made a (more or less) traditional steamed Christmas pudding for my mother-out of-law, many fig christmas cookies and some clementine marmalade which I had never tried before but ended up quite liking.

Plum pudding, ready to be steamed

Fig-filled Christmas cookies!

Making clementine marmalade

All in all Christmas was pleasant. No major family blow ups and no disasters. I received some nice presents and gave some nice presents. It was good to spend time with my family and our family friends and eat lots of good food together.  Next year I will probably be celebrating my Christmas across the Atlantic Ocean in England. I am grateful to have had such a nice Christmas here at home.

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Trying to finish Joyce’s Ulysses

A daughter, voluminous manypaged ratherdullcolored skuffcreased book  in hand, attempts to read not one but three segments (Eumaeus, Ithica, Penelope) of wordrattling, soundprattling soundouting Ulysses by that most venerable author JJ. She wades through words, waitingly. Waitingly, she stumps through text, ploddingly. She mouthes the shapes of words never before known to her, soundlessly.

And what was she feeling at the time of the reading?

Sore from exercising yesterday; anxious at the knowledge of impending examinations involving said text; worried that something important has been forgotten; sad about her ill grandfather;  hot from two sweaters; cold from the draft by the window; guilty for letting her mind wander.

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