I might be living here…

My boyfriend has already been accepted to one of his top two universities, but still has to wait till Januaray to find out about the other. Then we have to wait again to find out about funding. Then, finally, we will be able to make a decision about where we will go. It will be such a relief to actually be able to make concrete plans! Right now I have been exploring (via the internet) the town of the university that we know is an option. It looks beautiful, but very small, which will be quite a change from having lived in Toronto for my whole life. Maybe this time next year I will be punting along the river, whiling away the hours marked by the tolling of chapel bells (see picture below).

This could be my life...

Actually, I will probably be frantically looking for a job in an unwelcoming economic climate/already have a job but be working a million hours a week to be able to afford to live in such an expensive part of the country. One of my friends moved back to live with his family after graduating from a university in the USA and said that it is really hard to get a job in this town. I will simply have to hope for the best and trust that something will work out.

photo credit: borrowed from here

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