4 more sleeps

I move in four days and quite predictably my feelings are a jumble of excited, sad, brave, scared and optimistic and frantic. Crazy probably sums up my state most succinctly. I feel like I have so much to do although I try to keep reminding myself that when it comes down to it I just have to throw some clothes in a bag and get on a plane; if I can do that I will have successfully relocated and everything else is gravy.

My boyfriend and I are in the process of packing up our rooms so that my parents can do other things with the space. I am getting rid of A LOT of stuff and even though I fall rather into the hoarder category of people  (that bit of ribbon might be so useful one of these days…) it actually feels pretty good. We are each brining one suitcase and a carry on bag. That is it.

What else? We are moving to a furnished apartment  (I mean, ‘Flat’ )  that we have never seen and know very little about (Dear Universe, please let there be no wall to wall carpeting or weird upholstery….).

One of my good friends moved into the neighborhood so I gave him my houseplants:

I have donated or disposed of  most of my clothing and will be giving away my canning equipment to my lovely sister-out-of-law who is also throwing us a going away party in her back yard this week.

Thats it folks (my lovely, robot readers). A nice boring list of very mundane and usual moving tasks. Maybe I will get another post in before I go (probably not) and if not, I will see you on the other side!

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September 13th

is the date we have to be in Cambridge by. That is exactly two months from today.

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rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

I don’t have an exact date yet, but I will be moving to Cambridge, UK somewhere around the second week of September. That gives me approximately 8-ish weeks before I get on that plane.

I am just now beginning to figure out what I need to do before I go. Today I sorted papers:

The horror created when I try to organize stuff...

Maybe tomorrow I will start to tackle that closet full of stuff….

I have no idea really of what one needs to do before one moves across an ocean.
Talk to my bank?
Photocopy my documents and give them to my family?
pack some stuff and put it in a suitcase?

All this, of course, is contingent on getting my British passport which is due to arrive in the mail any day now.

Also, we now have an address in Cambridge. We were allocated a couple’s flat by my boyfriend’s college, so at least we will have a roof over our heads when we get there.


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So close…

Hello to my dear robot readers*,

So I have some major updating to do, which should begin to happen some time after next Tuesday which is the day of my last exam. In the mean time I have these anouncements to make:

1.the BF and I have decided where we are going to live next year. University offers have been accepted and declined respectively and funding has been granted and as a result our plans are beginning to take shape.

2.I am just about  finished my last real term as an undergraduate. By Tuesday at 4pm all of the scary parts of my degree will be over (for example, writing my thesis papers, passing Modern Symbolic Logic etc.).** I am currently writing my last ever philosophy paper of my undergraduate life.

3.My dad broke his neck, but is now okay. It was scary, but, miraculously, he is fine and gets to walk around with a lovely neck brace for the next few weeks.

I’ll be back in a few days to kick this blog into gear. Over and out!

*I am pretty sure that almost all of the hits I get to this blog are automatically generated ones by other computers and not by real people. This is actually just  fine: oddly enough I don’t really mind writing for robots.

*okay, so I do have to do one credit this summer to finish my degree, but right now I am ignoring this fact. Also, I am going to do a second year poetry course, so it doesn’t count as scary.

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Something really good happened! Like really REALLY good!

I don’t have time now to go into the details, but I will just say that the choice between university towns suddenly got A LOT easier.


More on this soon.

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I made this card for a good family friend who celebrated his birthday on Sunday. I did not realize until after that I had basically recreated the Toronto Sun logo on the card with the word ‘sun.’ Oh well. We had a lovely celebratory dinner  in his honour and ate lots of cake, took pictures (he is a photographer), and drank excellent champagne. Not so bad if you ask me.

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Toronto Tuesday

There has not been much written content here lately, but that is because not much has changed. The BF and I thankfully have been given a bit more time to decide which university town we will be living in next year, which is nice, but the upshot has been that there is no new information to share,  only waiting. Waiting to find out about funding packages (cross your fingers!), availability of  couples accommodation, further program details, and what each town has to offer for non-students. We have been waiting for mail and emails and flashes of inspired decision making  ( with each decision being inevitably superseded by the opposite decision the very next day). So no news, but lots to think about.

In the mean time, I am doing the same old things here in Toronto: school, family, friends, etc.

A friend of mine puts on art and music evenings called ‘happenings.’ I went to one last week for the first time and I took this picture right before I went in. It is of the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) building. In general I don’t like the building very much at all, in fact I think it is pretty ugly, but it looked so alien all light up from underneith that I thought it was kind of cool. Love it or hate it, it is certainly a distinctive Toronto landmark:

alien landing - the OCAD building at night

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Reading week.

Drains in house are clogged.

Must wait till tomorrow for plumber.

Cannot shower/bathe/use toilet/wash dishes.



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Toronto Tuesday

Snapshots of my life in Toronto:

I was born in a house on Wolfrey Avenue, just south of the Danforth. My best friend lived two blocks away and even after I moved to a different part of town I spent a large part of my childhood traipsing around this neighborhood:

Greek Town on the Danforth in winter


Sometimes, while on campus, I like to go here and sit quietly for a few minutes:

The Trinity College chapel at U of T


I went to Buddha’s yesterday for the first time with some friends. The portions are HUGE and extremely affordable. Between the three of us we spent, including tax and tip a total of $23.

666 Dundas St. West


This is one of my favourite trees in my area. It was really windy coming back from Buddha’s!

windy willow


The Royal on College St. will always have a special place in my heart. Every second Friday they used to play outrageous old Kung Fu movies with terrible (read hilarious) English subtitles. My friendship with two of my now really good friends from high school was firmly established as a result of going to this theatre:

College street! My neighborhood.

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I found some informative titles at the library today:

(I should probably read this one)

Then, in the same section was this title:

As well as these two on the far right:

But really, I think that of these titles, this last one best (although trivially) sums up adulthood so far:

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